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Finding The Right Independent Living Community

Independent Living at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa is designed for seniors (62+) or disabled individuals who need a little extra help to maintain their independence and enjoyment of everyday living. You or your loved one may struggle with transportation, keeping up with the housework or meal preparation. You/they may be somewhat isolated or bored and would benefit from fun activities and social opportunities. You/they may require occasional assistance with personal care or medication management. You/they may simply want life to be easier and more enjoyable. You/they may yearn to spend some time doing things they want to do versus so many things that they have to do.

If this sounds like what you or your loved ones are looking for and if you’ve done any research at all, you’ve probably discovered a wide array of confusing choices. It’s true that independent Living communities can seem a bit like cell phone plans. In other words, they do not all include the same services and amenities so it makes comparisons difficult and confusing.

Don't worry.  We are here to help.  Check out the following or contact one of our Senior Leasing Consultants for assistance.

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