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Welcome to our senior living blog! Here, we share insights on aging, health and wellness for seniors, and what life is like at Fellowship Square Surprise retirement living. As we get older, it's natural to have concerns about our health, independence, and overall quality of life. That's why staying informed and learning about the various senior living options available to help us age successfully is crucial. Whether you're a senior yourself, or a caregiver for a loved one, our blog will provide valuable information to help you navigate the aging process. From tips on staying active and healthy to advice on choosing the right senior living community, we'll cover a wide range of relevant topics for seniors and their families. We also share stories about our organization's long history and musings from our team members and residents! So, sit back and enjoy our content; let's learn and grow together as we explore the exciting and rewarding journey of aging well.

How to Manage Arthritis Pain: The Power of Staying Active

August 03, 2023
Arthritis is a chronic condition that affects an estimated 58.5 million adults in the US. It causes joint inflammation, stiffness, and pain, making everyday tasks challenging and painful. And while there is no cure for arthritis, it can be treated and managed to help reduce pain and improve overall quality of life. Understanding the nature of arthritis pain is crucial in finding effective ways to manage it. Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing a Non-profit Senior Living Community

June 27, 2023
As seniors embark on an exciting new chapter in their lives, many consider various options, including senior living communities. One important factor to consider when exploring retirement community options is whether the community is for-profit or non-profit. While both types of communities provide valuable housing and support for seniors, non-profit senior living communities have unique benefits that deserve attention. Read More

Bible Verses for Seniors

March 22, 2023
As we age, it is important to reflect on our life and remember that a certain level of wisdom comes with experience. But sometimes, life and circumstances can become so challenging, it’s hard to rely on our own experiences for comfort. Read More

Senior Living vs. In-home care for seniors: How to decide

January 30, 2023
As we age, we often face tough decisions regarding our living situation. People often research and evaluate two options: receiving in-home care versus moving into senior living. This post will look into the different types of senior living and home health care services, examples of each, and the costs involved Read More

What is Enhanced Retirement Living?

August 09, 2022
Enhanced Retirement Living™ is a relatively new term to describe a class of senior living - and it is more than just Independent Living with services, it is specifically designed for older adults who want to enjoy active lifestyles while maintaining their independence. Read More

Mid-Summer Bucket List for Seniors

July 01, 2022
Here we are, mid-way through summer! July is one of the hottest months in Phoenix, so those of us living in the Valley are looking for ways to entertain ourselves inside. We created this ‘bucket list’ of activities and projects that can be done inside, by yourself, or with a group of friends. And some of the activities Read More

Resident's Perspective

April 06, 2022
Sometimes we all need a little reminder to take a step back and look at our blessings in life. A few months ago, one of our residents, Lucille C., shared her musings about finding joy with us. We loved it so much that we asked if we could post it on our blog, and she agreed! Whether it's COVID or anything else going on in the world, looking for small things Read More

At Our Table...

January 23, 2021
At Fellowship Square, hospitality and community are life changing. Creating a welcoming atmosphere where friendships are forged and stories are shared, is our specialty. Read More

Moving into Senior Living During COVID

December 15, 2020
While speaking with a colleague last week, she mentioned to me that a friend of hers is looking for independent living for her grandmother, but she and her grandmother are both nervous about her moving into a retirement community during the COVID pandemic. Read More
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Legacies, Transitions & Bright Futures

July 02, 2020
Sometimes, change can be scary and uncomfortable, and other times, it is bittersweet. At Christian Care, we are in a time of bittersweet transition as we have two retirements to celebrate Read More


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