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Levels of Care, Explained

"Senior Living" and "Retirement Living" are broad terms used to describe a range of senior living services. Both phrases are used most frequently (and interchangeably) by senior communities that offer several different levels of senior care on one campus. 

On this page, we will delve into the various senior living options and levels of care – exploring the differences between each, as well as the services provided and admission requirements (if applicable). 

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A full spectrum of Senior Living options

As seniors' health conditions change, they may need just a bit of extra help at home, or they may need a higher level of care. Some senior living communities have several levels of care on one campus, while others have only one. 

At Fellowship Square Tucson, we provide several levels of care and supportive services, including Independent and Assisted Living and supportive in-home services.

Independent Living is perfect for seniors who want to let go of the household chores associated with living in a single-family home or a condo. They want to enjoy their independence, maintain their health and wellness, while still having peace of mind knowing they have supportive services available should they ever need them. 

Residents in Independent Living can generally live without in-home care, while others may need additional help now and then. (Which we will cover in a separate section below)

In Independent Living, a resident's monthly rent covers a wide range of services and amenities, such as a monthly meal plan, scheduled transportation, security, and emergency call systems, housekeeping services, maintenance, and more.


While there are very few requirements for Independent Living, a minimum age requirement is the most common. Additionally, seniors should be able to manage their daily living activities very minimal to no assistance. However, should they need a little extra support, in-home or supportive services can be a valuable tool in helping residents maintain their independence and overall health, and can help them remain in Independent Living for a longer period of time.

At Fellowship Square Tucson, residents must be 62 and older. 

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Supportive Services 

Sometimes referred to as "in-home care," Supportive Services provide seniors with the extra support they may need to maintain their independence and live safely in their Independent Living apartment. 

At Fellowship Square Tucson, our Resident Services program offers an extensive menu of in-home services that can be provided on an as-needed basis, for brief or extended periods of time. Resident Services are private pay, the fees are simply added onto the resident's monthly rent statement.


As we age and health conditions progress, there comes a time when we need more assistance than what can be safely provided in Independent Living, even with additional services. In such cases, Assisted Living becomes most appropriate for seniors who need increased support in their day-to-day lives but do not require 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Assisted Living provides a more complete package services and amenities, including three meals a day plus snacks, 24-hour caregiver assistance, weekly housekeeping, laundry, and more. Depending on the level of Assisted Living services the resident needs, caregivers provide extra help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and grooming, incontinence management, and medication management.

On our Tucson senior living campus, we provide two levels of Assisted Living services for seniors 62 and older: Supervisory Care and Personal Care, also referred to as Level 1 and Level 2.

Prior to admission, residents complete a health assessment with the Assisted Living Manager to identify which level of care will best fit their needs. Receiving the right level of care is essential to maintaining health and wellness, wherever it might be at that time. 

Once the appropriate level of care is determined, the care plan is reviewed with the resident and the resident's representative upon admission.

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