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Affordability Calculator

If you've done any research at all on Independent Living communities, you’ve probably discovered a wide array of confusing choices. Our page on Tips For Your Search offers some suggestions to help you identify and prioritize the things that are most important to you. 

In addition, you have to make sure that the community you are interested in is affordable. You may have experienced sticker-shock when you first saw rent prices for independent living communities. Don’t despair - rent in independent living often includes several things that a regular apartment does not so you have to look at the whole picture.

Confidently calculating affordability is often challenging so we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve prepared this cost comparison worksheet which should help. The left side is for you to fill in with costs associated with your current living situation. The right side is designed to help you understand which of your current expenses will be eliminated or reduced when you reside in our Independent Living community. If you need assistance with this form or have questions, please contact one of our Leasing Consultants at 480-834-0600 and they will be happy to guide you through it.


Cost Calculator Directions:

  • Fill in the Present Living Situation column with your current monthly payments for each category, Expense Type   
  • If one Expense Type or more are not something you have please enter a zero
  • NOTE: most of the areas in the Fellowship Square Historic Mesa column are included in the monthly rent and do not need to be filled in 

Final note regarding affordability: Understanding what is and is not included in the monthly rent is critical as are any required deposits, lease term, discounted housing programs and potential for rate increases. Any community you consider should be very clear and transparent in this area.

Cost Comparison Worksheet

Take a look at how much Independent Living in our community can save you each month by using this worksheet.

Expense Type
Present Living Situation
Independent Living at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa
Rent/​Mortgage Payment
Real Estate Taxes
Homeowners/​Renters Insurance
Renters insurance recommended.
Television Cable
Basic Cable Included. Only add $ if you will be purchasing additional from Cox.
Wifi & computers available in community room. Only add $ if you will be purchasing service for your apt through an outside provider.
Compare our menu options/prices with your dining habits. On average, the monthly dining allowance provides for 1 full meal each day of the month for each occupant. This could cut your typical grocery bill by 30-50%.
Home Maintenance
Heating/​Air Conditioning
Pool Service
Appliance Repair
Building Repair/​Updates
Automobile & Associated
We provide transportation services/assistance. Most residents find that they no longer need to keep a personal vehicle.
Car Payment
Gym Membership
We have a variety of gym equipment and Senior Fit classes so a personal gym membership may no longer be needed.

Personal Security Alert
House Cleaning Service

Now that you've completed the cost comparison worksheet view our monthly rent options for Independent Living Homes to see the savings. 

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