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Hear what our residents are saying about Independent Living at Fellowship Square-Historic Mesa ...

“If you are bored here, it is your own fault.” -Jeanette Bartlow

 “At night when I say my prayers, I bless this community and thank God above for allowing me to have the wherewithal to live here. The peace and tranquility that I have found here is certainly not taken for granted but cherished.” –Naomi Cedarblade

“Good friends, good food, and a good life.”- Patti Duncan

“I cherish all the friends I have made here. How can so many wonderful people all live in one place?” - Kathy Hahn

“No way in the world, would I ever think of going anywhere else - this is my home! You could not ask for a better place to live the rest of your life!” – Andy Harank Sr.

“I have found that since moving here, to Fellowship Square Historic Mesa, life is so much easier and less complicated. I have not regretted it even once!” – Phyllis Kozlowski

“Since moving to Fellowship Square, my life is so much easier. I have no big house to clean, no cooking, and no yard work!”- Carolyn Neher

I think my family likes the fact that I am living among people and not confined to a house, alone and depending on my own cooking. Balanced meals are a necessary for a good life.” – Robert Niles

“Living here has changed me from a recluse to an outgoing, happy individual and my family has told me they are happy I made the decision to move here.” – Robert Niles

“Living at Fellowship Square has given me the best value for the buck and supports my senior lifestyle.   I have everything I want and need right here. I may be 90 years old, but living here keeps me young at heart.” – Raemarie Paulos

“Since moving here, I have made so many friends that my world has changed completely. I look forward to each new day with something to do. I have become a captain of a building, so I enjoy greeting new residents and telling them all about Fellowship Square, about where things are, what the activities are, etc. I also advise them that I am always available for any help they might need.” – Rita Samlong

“I enjoy daily walks around the community, the gym, the swimming pools, the good food, the friendly waiters and waitresses, and the bus rides to and from church every Sunday.” – Kenneth Steffan

“The meals are AWESOME - just like being on a cruise ship!”- Edna Mae Troupa

 “What I enjoy the most is becoming the “Welcome Lady” who has called on over 600 apartments, giving an hour to each one I visit and making new residents feel welcome. I simply love this “volunteer job” I call my ministry.”- Edna Mae Troupa

“Three times a week I go to painting class. The teacher is trained and encourages me to do the best work I can. I am pleased with the progress I have made in a little over a years’ time. This is my very favorite activity offered here at Fellowship Square.”- Ramona Zehm

“There are many other services, programs, and activities that I regularly participate in, such as the monthly birthday parties, special day events, and music programs. I don’t have time for much more!” - Ramona Zehm

“We very much appreciate the presence of a Christian atmosphere on this campus and the presence of an excellent Chaplain on site.”- David Zimmerman


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