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Common Food Allergies and Sensitivities: What Seniors Need to Know

May 19, 2023
Food allergies and sensitivities are on the rise, affecting millions of Americans, many of them Seniors. While some reactions are mild, others can be life-threatening. Abundant Life Nutrition & Wellness Center shares the origins of food allergies and sensitivities, advice on how to distinguish between the two, and the best ways to prevent, treat, and manage them for a better quality of life. Read More
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How “a Cuppa” Can Boost Your Lifestyle

January 23, 2023
While it is often served in a relaxing setting, it may be that the tea contains soothing compounds. So, what are the medicinal properties of tea? Well, the answer is it depends on the tea. Read More
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Cyber Security Tips for Seniors

September 13, 2022
The world wide web offers some incredible ways to learn and connect through technology, but it can also be a breeding ground for scams. With October’s designation as National Cyber Security Month, Fellowship Square Historic Mesa offers some cyber security tips to keep seniors (and their assets) safe. Read More
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Heat Illness Awareness and Prevention for Seniors

May 24, 2022
Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed this week, May 23 through May 27, Heat Awareness Week, and Friday, May 27 is recognized nationally as National Heat Awareness Day. Overexposure to heat can cause serious illness, particularly for seniors in some cases. Fellowship Square offers tips to help seniors stay cool this summer. Read More
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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stroke Risk

April 28, 2022
While there are factors that can predict your stroke risk, many Arizonans rarely grasp that they could be as much at risk as those in Arizona senior living. Medical professionals advise getting your lab tests done every five years until you turn 65, and then they recommend annual check-ups. Read More
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National Arthritis Awareness Month

April 25, 2022
Arthritis Awareness Month is a good time to look at the value of exercise, which can boost senior health and wellness all year round. See what one of the fitness & wellness specialists at Fellowship Square’s assisted living Mesa community has to say. Read More
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Pets Improve Senior Health and Wellness

March 25, 2022
The most obvious benefit of pet ownership for seniors might be fending off loneliness. And having a pet can help create structure and routine for seniors as well as encourage them to increase their physical activity through daily dog walks, for example. Read More
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Avoiding a Broken Heart

March 25, 2022
When it comes to you’re the physical health of your heart, there are four surprisingly easy ways to cause irreparable damage. Read More
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Driving Considerations for Senior Health and Wellness

August 06, 2021
We know that along with aging come changes in vision, range of motion and cognitive response so we’d like to offer these driving suggestions and reminders for Arizona seniors who drive. Read More

Seniors and Heat Related Illness

June 11, 2021
We all know that summers in Mesa, AZ can get very hot. Many say it’s a small price to pay for the amazingly beautiful weather that we are blessed to enjoy nine months of the year. Well, very hot is about to become dangerous, especially for seniors. According to our latest forecast from the National Weather Service, central Arizona is under an Extreme Heat Warning with dangerously hot conditions and afternoon temperatures climbing to as high as 118 degrees for the next seven days. With this in mind, we want to make sure that our Fellowship Square Historic Mesa residents, staff, family members and others are aware of the dangerous consequences of heat exposure and how to prevent them. Read More


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